The time of rigour and truth!

Dear internet users,
Informing in real time is an exhilarating mission that imposes on us as a law of brass. We have made it a point of honour to continue this adventure with you through this online media tha we have proposed since December 27, 2016.
Since the launching of this website, our ambition has been to give you information from the reliable source.
The time of rigor and truth, yes, facing with the deteriorating economic situation at the national and international levels, it is imperative to tell the truth to our compatriotes. This is the watchword of the President of the Republic. Tell the whole truth, especially about the financial difficulties that our country and almost all the other States of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) are going through.
Faced with this worrying situation, our Ministry is taking vigorous and responsible measures, in order to give primacy only to the essential, that is to say, the general interest.
Among the avenues to explore, is the computerization of financial boards; the fight against tax loopholes and the strengthening of our budgetary discipline. These are the three main levers that, from our point of view, constitute the success of our internal adjustments.
It is no secret that Congo, an oil-producing country, is hard hit by the heavy financial shocs caused by the collapse of the price of the barrel of oil. It resists. It resists well, probably because it is led with confidence by President Denis Sassou-N'Guesso, whose foresight and commitment to his country are well established.
In these difficult times, there is no room for amateurism or learning. It deserves the attention and interest of hard work that relies on innovative initiatives for the benefit of our country.
The success of Congo's first invitation to tender under free subscription issued in 2016 by the Republic of Congo, which exceeded initial forecast, as well as the reduction of public spending, in particular the State budget, in order to adjust it to the revenues available in the country in the public portfolio, have been our main challenges. That is why our country continues to fulfill its priority commitments. And nothing will divert our Ministry from its objectives, because it is especially during the crisis that the time of rigour and truth rings…
Once again, dear surfers, this website, which is easy to use and accessible to all, remains at your service.