Priority to domestic resource mobilisation!


The economic crisis that our world is going through, sharpened by the COVID-19 pandemic, now confronts our country with its own destiny. Thus, the Congolese State is working to mobilise its own domestic resources, such as taxes, customs and services, as a priority in order to fund its operations.

In order to give the maximum chance of success to the mobilisation of these tax resources, the Ministry of Finance and Budget, which I am in charge of, has been working since 2016 on a set of reforms in all the financial institutions, in order to establish a dialogue between them. The avowed goal is to better collect and secure public revenue, in complete transparency.

To date, we are pleased to note that almost all of these reforms have gone into production. These include, for example, the Integrated Public Finance Management System (SIGFIP), the State Debt Payment Monitoring System (SYSPACE), the Tax and Revenue Management System (E-TAX), and the new computerised customs system (E-CUSTOMS), Electronic Payment of Duties and Taxes (E-PAY), Electronic Pay Statement (E-Bulletin), Teleservices, Unique Identification Number with Fingerprints and Iris (UIN), Electronic Fiscal Stamp (EFT). 

In addition to these applications, the new General Tax Code (CGI) is currently being drawn up. 

Faced with the current difficulties in financing our economy, the Congo should draw on the experience of many non-oil exporting countries to increase non-oil resources, which could contribute to strengthening its financial equilibrium. 

This is why I am instructing the managers and agents of all financial institutions to take ownership of these reforms, to consolidate public finance, and thus, ensure the funding of the State functioning. 


Minister of Finance and Budget