Meeting of Public Debt National Committee (PDNC)

Debt Processing Review on the agenda
09 juil, 2021

The National Public Debt Committee met on Friday, July 9, 2021 in Brazzaville, under the chairmanship of Rigobert Roger Andely, Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, and the vice-chairmanship of Mrs. Ingrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka-Babackas, Minister of Economy, Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration.


The agenda of this statutory meeting focused on the review of debt processing; the semi-annual report of the 2021 Activity Programme and the projection of activities for the second half of the current year.

At the end of the meeting, the Director General of the Congolese Sinking Fund (CCA), Théodore Ikemo, told the press the following conclusions. 

 The Committee examined a Note, a Reflection, concerning the processing of the debt, both the public debt and the domestic debt. This Reflection will be materialized in a Strategy that will be adopted by the Committee, by August 31, 2021. This Strategy will be annexed to the 2022 budget, after adoption by the Government. The actions planned are: first, Domestic Debt Clearance Plan. Second, analysis of the sustainability of this debt (i.e., the evaluation of debt levels in relation to international standards)”.

 With regard to the mechanisms for the clearance of this debt, Theodore Ikemo cited, for example, cash payment, rescheduling and discounting. 


The Press Office of the Ministry of Finance