Albert NGONDO, Director General
Albert NGONDO, Director General


The Directorate General of Treasury, under the authority of its Director General is the technical organ which assists the Ministry in the discharge of its duties on regulation and execution of State budget.


The Directorate General of Treasury is made of:

  • 4 categories of accounting services:

    • Principal public accounting services of the State;

    • Secondary public accounting services of the State;

    • Divisional public accounting services of the State;

    • Decentralised public accounting services;

  • And non-accounting services of public funds.

All these services benefit from a daily logistic support:

  • From the executive secretariat, charged with the management of correspondence, data processing and reprography and treatment of other administrative documents and all other tasks as requested;

  • From the computer unit which plays a very important role in the smooth functioning of the directorate general, notably through :

    • The implementation of the computer and network action programme of the Directorate General;

    • The control and connection of local equipment to the integrated income and expenditure system of the State, and to the Bank of Central African States;

    • Management of the cyber treasure of the integrated income/expenditure system of the State.


The Directorate General of Treasury is specifically charged with:

  • Controlling and centralising all operations of income, expenditure and cash flow of the State;

  • Organising and coordinating activities of non-accounting central services, accounting services of the State and decentralised accounting services;

    • Ensuring the drafting, in collaboration with competent services of the Ministry of Finance :

      • Of public accounting rules and accounting plans of the State, devolved local authorities, public institutions and other public organs subject to public accounting regulations;

      • Of budget and accounting instructions on income, expenditure and cash flow operations;

      • Of modalities for rendering of administrative accounts, management accounts and financial accounts;

      • Of the general accounts of the State and the bill on regulations.

  • Ensuring the regulation of cash flow through a balancing of the general movement of funds in time and in space within the network of Treasury accounting posts;

  • Ensuring the respect of rules and instructions;

  • Carrying out actions of control and surveillance necessary for safeguarding the interests of the Public Treasury;

  • Ensuring regularisation of budget operations carried out on a provisional basis;

  • Issuing and managing treasury bonds and other government securities within the framework of finance market operations;

  • Managing public debt;

  • Managing legal affairs.