Born January 15, 1958 in Makoua, Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE is a trained economist, specializing in planning issues. He has a rich and long career in the Congolese public administration.


Holder of a diploma in higher economic studies, national economic planning option, obtained in 1983 at the Higher School of Economics in Berlin, Germany, Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE joined the Ministry of Planning a year later where he will have a rich career until 2008, occupying several positions.

Head of the investment and approvals department, in charge of the National Investment Commission, he was appointed seven years later, in 1991 precisely, director of economic regulation, cumulatively with his functions as permanent secretary of the National Investment Commission until 1997. The same year, he was elevated to the position of Director General of Economy, member of the Steering Committee of the Customs and Economic Union of Central Africa.

In 1999, Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE took over as General Director of Planning and Development. For ten years, he will hold this position cumulatively as technical secretary of the National Committee to Combat Poverty, member of the Committee for Monitoring Negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, alternate member of the Interstate Committee of the Community economic and monetary affairs of Central Africa and technical coordinator of programs with the agencies of the United Nations system.

He entered in the close wake of the Head of State in 2009 as Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, with the rank and prerogatives of a minister. In this capacity, since 2011, he has chaired the Committee for Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies and Programs and the Ad Hoc National Committee to Combat Malnutrition. A confidence which will be renewed in 2016 by President Denis SASSOU N’GUESSO who keeps him in this position.

After thirteen years at the head of the general secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, on September 22, 2022, he was appointed Minister of the Economy and Finance. Cumulatively, he chairs the steering committee of the CEMAC economic and financial reform program (PREF-CEMAC) and the national economic and financial committee (CNEF). For the year 2023, he chaired the UMAC (Central African Monetary Union), the board of directors of the BEAC (Bank of Central African States) and the GABAC (Group of Action against Money Laundering in Central Africa).

Under his direction were, among other things, developed:

  • the post-conflict interim program 2000-2002;
  • the national transport plan (in force since 2004);
  • the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (DSRP 2008-2010);

Minister Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE also led the implementation of Results-Based Management (GAR) as well as the registration operation of State movable and real estate properties (2011-2016).

Grand officer in the Congolese Order of Merit and Ambassador of SUN (World Movement to Fight Malnutrition), Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE is married and father of five children.