Mr. Rigobert Roger ANDELY, Minister of finance,budget and public portfolio in the discharge of his duties relies on his Cabinet composed of a Director of Cabinet, 15 technical advisers, 6 Attached Directors and 21 Attachés.

The Ministers cabinet is an organ of conception, coordination, animation and control. It is in charge of addressing, on behalf of the Minister and by delegation, political, administrative and technical issues within the Ministry.

The organisation of the ministry is made of:

  • 10 Directorates General make up the technical bodies assisting the Minister of State in the discharge of his duties. These are the Directorates General of:

    • Budget

    • Budget Control

    • Treasury

    • Public Accounting

    • National Financial Institutions

    • Currency and External Financial Relations

    • Control of Public Contracts

    • Taxation and State Property

    • Customs and Indirect Taxes

    • Service and Portfolio Revenue

  • 6 Operational Directorates directly attached to the Minister of State’s cabinet oversee the following :

    • Information systems

    • Cooperation

    • Studies and planning

    • General resources

    • Natural resources

    • Human resources and training

  • The Inspectorate General of Finance

  • Attached bodies

    • Insurance and Re-Insurance of Congo;

    • Fund Transfer Regulatory Board;

    • Congolese Sinking Fund;

    • Congo Lottery Management;

    • National Financial Investigation Board;

    • Congolese Information Systems Agency.