Lauric NGOUEMBE, Inspector general
Lauric NGOUEMBE, Inspector general


The Inspectorate General of Finance gives technical assistance to the Minister in the discharge of his duties for the control of the finances of the State, devolved services, companies and public institutions.


The IGF in general has a mission of control, studies and advice on administrative, economic and financial issues.


The Inspectorate General of Finance is managed by an Inspector General with rank of Director General. He supervises and run four entities:

  • The Inspectorate of intervention

  • The Inspectorate of studies and investigation

  • The Inspectorate of audit and evaluation

  • The Directorate of administration and finance

Each of these entities has a secretariat for the reception and forwarding of mails, analysing correspondences and other documents, typing and treating all correspondences and administrative documents…. and receives assistance from the computer service which helps users in the exploitation and maintenance of computer applications and manages stationery.


The Inspectorate General of Finance is specifically charged with:

  • Evaluating the financial performance of officials and services under the control of the Inspectorate General of Finance

  • Ensuring the strict respect of laws and regulations government the financial and account management of the State, devolved services, companies and public institutions

  • Verifying the management of funds, values and titles belonging to or confided to the State, devolved services, companies, public institutions and partnership agencies and proposes measures necessary for safeguarding the interests of the public treasury and its correspondents

  • Verifying the regularity of financial transactions, income, expenditure and cash flow carried out by public institutions, financial services and public accountants

  • Controlling vote holders and administrators and the end of each financial year

  • Verifying the financial and account management of every public institution benefiting from financial or material support from the State

  • Verifying the financial and account management of goods, fixed and moveable assets handed to ministerial departments and to constitutional institutions

  • Controlling and closing on an annual basis public budget, budget for petty cash and expenditure all over the national territory

  • Carrying out control missions prescribed by the Minister of Finance or requested by any other Minister

  • Proposing measures aimed at correcting insufficiencies, dysfunctions and irregularities noticed during controls and verifications