Minister Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE, holds a very key position within the Congolese government. His role is quite extensive. He implements and oversees the execution of the policy set by the President of the Republic in the area of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio.

Public finance covers the study of resources, accounts of devolved public services, and the drafting of specific regulations governing financial and accounting actions of public officials (drawing up of budgets and accounts, collection of taxes, execution of expenditure, control).

In these various capacities, the Minister is specifically charged with:

  • Conceiving and proposing financial, monetary, accounting and budgetary legislation and ensuring the application of regulations in these domains

  • Preparing finance bills

  • Controlling the finances of the State, local authorities, public institutions and parastatals

  • Managing international financial relations

  • Drawing up and implementing budget and tax reforms

  • Identifying and determining the localisation of public investments and development poles

  • Negotiating development programmes with bilateral and multilateral partners, ensuring their implementation and follow up

  • Preparing and committing investment expenditure of State budget