Presentation of the pay slip dematerialization solution

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e-bulletin is a computerized solution of dematerialization of the pay slip that allows any agent in the personnel file of the Congolese State, that is to say a civil servant, contract employee, military, police, gendarmerie, magistrate and others ... to access his extract of the pay slip without making a trip to the Ministry of Finance and Budget. It is important to remember that e-bulletin is a module of the Integrated System of Payroll of State Agents (SIPAE), one of the projects implemented as part of the vast reform of the information system of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, launched under the leadership of Mr. Calixte NGANONGO, Minister of Finance and Budget. This reform aims at a good governance of public finances by securing revenues and rationalizing expenditures of the State Budget.


Benefits of the e-bulletin

The e-bulletin solution has a double advantage: first, it relieves civil servants of certain hassles (physical travel to the Ministry of Finance and Budget, queuing, etc.) in obtaining the bulletin extracts and especially to limit the spread of the corona virus pandemic by promoting compliance with barrier measures at the level of the pay.


How to access the e-bulletin?

The Ministry of Finance and Budget already has a solution for the dematerialization of administrative procedures called Teleservices whose address is The access to the e-bulletin is done through this platform in three steps

1.      Request for the creation of an online account by users

The user accesses the Teleservices platform and fills out the account creation request form. Once the request is registered, he/she receives an SMS on his/her phone indicating that his/her request is awaiting validation by the balance services.


1.      Validation of the account by the payroll services

After authentication of the information provided by the user, the payroll services validate the creation of the account and an SMS is automatically sent to the user to indicate that the application to create an account has been validated. The user can then access his statements.


1.      Request for an extract of the online bulletin

Once the account creation request has been validated by the payroll services, the user connects to the "tele service" platform, this time using his account and password, which must be kept secret, to access his private space. Once he has accessed his private area, he can then request the bulletin extracts according to the desired period. At this level also, each time he requests the bulletin extract, a code is sent to his cell phone and it is only after entering this code that he accesses his bulletin extract.

We remind you that this service is totally free, you just need to have an internet connection on your computer, cell phone, tablet, etc... to access it.