Audrey MAPITHY MA MAPITHY, Responsible for the unit
Audrey MAPITHY MA MAPITHY, Responsible for the unit


The public procurement management unit is responsible for conducting the entire procurement procedure and public service delegations.



It is responsible, in particular for:

  • Plan public contracts and public service delegations;
  • Develop, in collaboration with the departments responsible for studies, planning and budget management, an annual public procurement plan and communicate it to the ministries involved in the public expenditure chain;
  • Ensure the reservation of credits and funds intended to finance the public contract or the delegation of public service envisaged with the ministries involved in the chain of public expenditure;
  • Determine the procedure and type of contract to be concluded;
  • Prepare the tender and consultation files, as well as the technical specifications in collaboration with the competent technical services, in accordance with the standard files in force;
  • Launch calls for competition;
  • Receive offers, register them and proceed to their evaluation and classification;
  • Write draft contracts and, if applicable, their amendments;
  • Participate in the reception of works, supplies and services, subject of said contracts;
  • Keep the public procurement monitoring register and public service delegations;
  • Write the procurement reports for the contracting authority or the delegated contracting authority and send them to the general management of public procurement control and to the public procurement regulatory authority.

Source: Decree n ° 2009-161 of May 20, 2009