Cabinet meeting

15 Jan, 2024

Monday January 15, 2024, in the meeting room of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in Brazzaville, the head of this department, Mr. Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE, had the first official contact meeting with his appointed Advisors , a few weeks ago, according to the requirements and rigor of Results-Based Management (RBM).


This meeting took place in the presence of the minister's other collaborators, namely those primarily responsible for the structures attached to the Cabinet.

Addressing his Advisors as frontline collaborators and actors at the strategic level, Minister Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE first reminded them of the challenges to be met: “The office that you are called to perform involves several challenges, in particular: the challenge of mobilizing resources, with a view to ensuring the implementation of the National Development Plan (PND) 2022-2026, as well as the optimal functioning of the State; the challenge of diversifying the national economy; the challenge of reducing debt and making public debt viable; the challenge of the program concluded with international financial institutions, under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) 2022-2024; the challenge of rationalizing economic and financial governance, with the aim of becoming the vector of economic and financial performance by 2026; finally, the challenge of sub-regional economic, monetary and financial diplomacy.”

The Minister then announced to his colleagues what he expected of them: “From you, I mainly expect three things: the first is work; the second is still work; finally, the third is always work, done with love and dedication.”

“From you, I also expect the impetus necessary for the effective implementation of the 12 priority actions, emanating from the 05 strategic programs of the Ministry, adopted in August 2023, as a strategic planning framework for the Ministry.

“From you, I expect the development of team spirit with all its virtuous effects. In this way, under the coordination of the Chief of Staff, you must work in perfect synergy.

“You must always abhor the temptation to put up walls between you.

“You must, on the contrary, build bridges, in the daily fulfillment of your duty, in the service of the State and the Nation.

“To this end, periodic work meetings must be systematized. They constitute the framework, par excellence, for sharing ideas for greater efficiency. They promote conviviality and improve relationships.

“From you, I also expect relevant proposals and suggestions to face our common challenges.

“Finally, from you I expect loyalty and commitment, through actions that will enable the ministry to play its part, with effectiveness and efficiency, within the framework of the implementation of the President of the Republic's Social Project, “Together, let's continue the march”, through its operational versions which are the National Development Plan (PND) 2022-2026 and the Government Action Program (PAG)”.

Speaking on behalf of the team of which he is coordinator, the Chief of Staff made a commitment to translate the guidelines set out by the Minister into practice.

As a reminder, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance deployed an operational system last year, by organizing two workshops in Kintélé.

The first, from Monday June 12 to Friday June 16, 2023, was intended to provide the Ministry's managerial staff with technical tools for appropriation of reforms in the field of public finances.

The second, from Wednesday August 9 to Friday August 11 of the same year, provided the ministry with strategic and budgetary programming documents (such as the ministry's strategic planning framework), in line with a major state reform, that of of the switch to program budget mode, from the 2024 budget year.


The Communication Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Photo credits : B2B Communication