Dematerialisation of the tax stamp

Official launch of the dematerialised tax stamp (TFD) in Brazzaville
29 Jan, 2021

Ludovic Ngatsé, Minister Delegate for the Budget, representing Calixte Nganongo, Minister of Finance and Budget, officially launched the Dematerialised Tax Stamp (TFD) on Friday 29 January 2021. 


To the question of how does the dematerialised tax stamp work? As part of the tax policy implemented in Congo, the Ministry of Finance and Budget has decided to dematerialise the Tax Stamp which has several advantages, including the permanent availability (unlimited stock) of the various values; the securing of revenues ensured throughout the chain; the complete traceability of the stamp management chain; the interaction and exchange of information with other systems (E-TAX, SIGFIP) of the Ministry and the improvement of the users' experience.

During the presentation of the project and the demonstration of the solution by the Project Manager, Frantz Sentiment Onkilékemi, said that, the new stamp management process is as follows: the administration of the tax server by the Cabinet; the management of electronic stock by the Treasury (processing and delivery of the order by the person in charge of stamps); the acquisition and sale of the stamp by the tax administration (Taxes); the consumption of the stamp by the user and the handling of the stamped document by the final consumer administration.

The dematerialisation of the tax stamp is made possible thanks to the CS-200 stamping machine, which delivers a digital print with several security elements, in particular, the 2D barcode that ensures the uniqueness of each stamp, which contributes to the fight against fraud. Thus, to prevent fraud and counterfeiting, the CS-200 provides users with reports that enable them to track and control the revenue collected by machine.

Three pilot sites have been selected for the first phase of the launch: Poto-Poto, Bacongo and Brazzaville centre (la Plaine). The Director General of Taxations and Estates, Ludovic Itoua urged the agents, responsible for stamp sales, to make good use of the machines placed at their disposal.


The Press Office of the Ministry of Finance   

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