First Contact between DGIFN and UNOC

Jean Pierre Nonault and Jean Daniel Ovaga lay down the foundations of a frank and fruitful collaboration
20 Oct, 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022, the Director General of National Financial Institutions (DGIFN) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Jean Pierre Nonault, had a meeting with the President of the National Union of Economic Operators of Congo (UNOC), Jean Daniel Ovaga.

At the end of this tête-à-tête, which took place at the headquarters of this Employers' Union, located on the second floor of the ELBO SUITES hotel, in Brazzaville, Jean Pierre Nonault said the purpose of this meeting:

“We were invited by the President of the UNOC. It was a first contact between DGIFN and UNOC, to know what common future we can have.

The outline of this future is still in quotation marks. But the main thing is more efficiency, more visibility for our companies, more relations between financial institutions and our companies through these two institutions (DGIFN and UNOC)," Jean-Pierre Nonault said.


The Communication Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Finance