Minister Calixte Nganongo : The man, his style and his method

25 Jul, 2016

The new Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, Calixte Nganongo does not hide his ambition of dictating a new management style at the helm of his ministerial department.

After settling down in his cabinet on the 7th floor of the Ministry of Finance building, he resolved to concert with officials and employees of the Ministry within the first 100 days of his assuming office. The aim of these concertation is to understand problems faced by employees and at the end of this exercise, he instructed all directorates to draft a plan of activity which would be deliberated upon and then validated. Today Monday 25 July 2016, to the utter surprise of employees, he left his office to do what he calls “the Master’s tour”.

So for more than 10 hours, he visited all offices with a word to share with each employee. From the 8th floor through the ground floor to the basement, it is quite a sorry sight. Lack of space in some offices where more than 45 employees crammed together like in a supermarket and some civil servant even sit on plastic chairs. Others are perched on chairs which have lost their armrests years ago. Minister Calixte Nganongo was visibly speechless with regard to conditions under which archives of the Ministry are kept. Some of these discussions with employees ended with advice and revelations on his vision as a corporate manager. After the headquarters of his Ministry, he will continue this exercise respectively at the public Treasury, Customs and Taxation departments without forgetting public portfolio companies.