The Minister delegate to the Minister of Finance and Budget, in charge of Budget Ludovic NGATSE, implements, by delegation and under the authority of the Minister of Finance and Budget, the policy of the Nation in terms of Budget. In addition to this role within the Government, he also acts as the Minister of Finance and Budget in case of absence.

In his various capacities, the Budget Minister delegate is responsible in particular for:

  • Overseeing the application of budgetary regulations;
  • Preparing Financial bills ;
  • Maintaining, approving and consolidating the State Accounts;
  • Managing and coordinating the activity of financial institutions;
  • Designing and proposing Budget Laws;
  • Participating, through fiscal policy, in steering National Economy;
  • Developing and implementing budgetary reforms;
  • Programming disbursements of the capital budget from the State Budget according to available resources;
  • Preparing and committing capital expenditure of the State Budget;
  • Seeking additional to finance the State Budget;


Source: Decree No. 2020-87 of 27 March 2020