Official launch of the Unique Payment Window (GUP)

A Unique Payment Window for State Revenues
10 Feb, 2021

On Wednesday 10 February 2021 in Brazzaville, Calixte Nganongo, Minister of Finance and Budget, launched the Single Payment Window, after the presentation and technical demonstration made by Guy Noël Londongo, Director of Information Systems (DSI) of the Ministry. The ceremony was attended by Calixte Médard Tabangoli, Managing Director of the Postal Bank of Congo (BPC), partner of the Unique Payment Window (GUD).


The galaxy of reforms undertaken since 2016 by the Minister of Finance and Budget has been enriched with the launch of the GUP.  "For the user, this application has the advantage of simplifying, facilitating and securing the payment of duties and taxes due to the State. For administrations, it secures revenues and facilitates their traceability. Add to this the advantage of facilitating the reconciliation between issues and receipts. For the State, the GUP secures and accelerates the collection of revenue, then guarantees the unity of the cash register", Guy Noël Londongo said.

In his presentation-demonstration, the DSI mentioned four scenarios. 1st case: for a Customs user, nothing changes, whether he declares and pays online or goes to the bank to pay. 2nd case: for a Tax user who declares and pays online, nothing changes. 3rd case: for a tax user who declares online, but decides to pay in cash or by cheque, he must go to the Postal Bank of Congo (BPC) with his payment to pay.  4th case: for a tax user who decides to file his tax return at his tax residence; after receiving his payment, he must go to the BPC to make the payment, before receiving his receipt either from the Treasury agent or directly online.

"The Postal Bank of Congo being a partner, is ready to receive payments from all taxpayers as of today," Calixte Médard Tabangoli reassured. 


The Press Office of the Ministry of Finance

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