State of play of the financial departments in the economic capital

“Housing problems, but employees are willingly to work”, Calixte Nganongo says
22 Feb, 2019

The Minister of Finance and Budget, Calixte Nganongo's tour into the ocean city, from Friday 22 to Saturday 23 February 2019, began with a visit of the Pointe-Noire Port Authority and ended with an address to officials and agents of financial departments,...through Congo Terminal, the deposit of non-duty paid goods, the customs car park, the Unit of major companies (UGE) and the Data centre, etc...  

At the end of this visit of nearly twenty structures, the Minister of Finance and Budget noted the following: “We visited places that each has its importance (Ouesso, Dolisie and Pointe-Noire). The financial departments, in many cases, are very badly housed.  Even the Parliament had deplored, for instance the headquarters of the Directorate General of Taxes and State Property (DGID) in Brazzaville. Nevertheless, people are working with a lot of will. We are committed to keeping the flame of this will. Now, it will be necessary to find them good working conditions, so that they meet the performance requirements set by the 2019 Law of Finance, as regards the contribution of the financial departments” 

In addition to the report on the small size or the lack of adequate facilities and other work equipments in the various departments with excessive staff, Calixte Nganongo denounced the subcontracting agreement reached between the Customs of Pointe-Noire and the Private Management Company Bonded Warehouses (SGED), which is in charge of maintaining and securing the deposit, instead of customs officers!

Similarly, he deplored the fact that the auctioning of certain uncleared goods at the warehouse beyond four months (especially vehicles in the car park) does not benefit the State. He warned against the customs officers who would present themselves as purchasers of goods sold at auction, even though they know it is incompatible to be both buyer and seller. 

In Congo Terminal, the Minister of Finance hailed the smooth running of the public-private partnership (PPP). Currently, the container Terminal receives ships of 337 meters long and 16 meters deep, which can carry between 12, 16 or even 20.000 containers.  The Pointe-Noire data centre (Computer data centre) installed in the Congolese Information Systems Agency (ACSI).

The educational address of Minister Nganongo 

Speaking with all his heart, and without political cant to his colleagues in the Customs, Taxes and Treasury administrations, whom he considers his “brothers”, without being their “hangman”, Calixte Nganongo called them, as a teacher would do : “To break with malpractices. Be diligent, punctual and available at work. Besides, you must respect the obligation of reserve. I warn against any agent of the financial departments who would pay in blameable transactions. To administrative sanctions that I would take, will now be added judicial sanctions”, he warned.

The Minister of Finance took this opportunity to inform his colleagues in the Customs, Taxes and Treasury administrations of the need to train and rejuvenate the staff. “Today, the workforce is aging. I invite you to set up youth training centres, alternating with the traditional teaching centres, taking into account the profile needed by the State”, Calixte Nganongo recommended.  

Note that in his tour, the Minister of Finance and Budget, Calixte Nganongo was accompanied by Alexandre Honoré Paka, Divisional officer of Pointe-Noire, and Paul Adam Dibouilou, his counterpart of Kouilou. 


The Press office of the Ministry of Finance