The Focal Point of the Observatory for the improvement of the business climate in Congo-Brazzaville has just been installed
09 Sep, 2021

On Thursday 9 September 2021 in Brazzaville, Clément Belibanga, Commissioner in charge of the Department of Economic, Monetary and Financial Policies<x at the Commission of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), spoke to the press at the end of his meeting with the Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, Rigobert Roger Andely, accompanied by his colleague, Ludovic Ngatsé, who is in charge of the Budget. He said the following about the purpose of his mission to Congo-Brazzaville.

“Presently, we are travelling through the 6 CEMAC countries to install the focal points of the Observatory for the improvement of the business climate. We came to meet the Minister of Finance of Congo-Brazzaville, who is part of the UAC Council of Ministers, and who made us pass on the importance that our Heads of State attach to improving the business climate. The improvement of the business climate is a necessity to develop the private sector and promote employment.

We took some computer equipment with us, which we deposited at the headquarters of the Congo-Brazzaville Focal Point, located at the Ministry of Industrial Development and Promotion of the Private Sector. This is a very important mission, desired by our heads of state, in order to boost our economies (...). The improvement of the business climate for the benefit of private investors refers to the following main indicators: the fairness of justice in the settlement of disputes at the Commercial Court; the reduction of production costs to meet competitiveness; the reduction of electricity costs; the maintenance of roads for the fluidity of product transport; the reduction of fuel costs and the elimination of corruption.”

As a reminder, it was following the economic and financial crisis that hit the economies of CEMAC countries in 2008-2009, that the Heads of State instructed the Finance Ministers of each country to find solutions for the revival of the economies of the sub-region.

Thus, during a meeting held in Douala (Cameroon), the Finance Ministers of the 6 countries set up an Observatory for the improvement of the business climate. This Observatory had set up a Commission responsible not only for setting up Focal Points in all Member States, but also to raise awareness of the national authorities for the financial and material support of these Focal Points.  

The Press Office of the Ministry of Finance