Closing of the 1st Conference on banking governance in the CEMAC zone

“Application of Regulations”, one of the recommendations adopted by the participants!
25 May, 2023
Athanase Ngassaki, Chief of Staff of the Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance, closed, Thursday May 25, 2023 in Brazzaville, the work of the 1st Conference on banking governance in the CEMAC zone (Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa) . In the presence, in particular, of Michel Dzombala, Vice-Governor of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC); the Representative of Maurice Ouanzin, Secretary General of the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC); Serge Dino Daniel Ngassackys, BEAC National Director for Congo; and Calixte Médard Tabangoli, Director General of the Postal Bank of Congo (BPC), President of the Professional Association of Credit Institutions (APEC) of Congo.
Organized by the Professional Association of Credit Institutions of Congo (APEC), in partnership with the SVUS firm, this Conference, during 3 days of discussion, addressed, among other themes: For better banking governance in the CEMAC zone: State places and conditions for improvement, developed by the representative of Maurice Ouanzin, Secretary General of the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC); the Board of Directors (CA) and its specialized committees, by Doctor Dieudonné Piih; the impact of sustainable finance on banking governance in the CEMAC zone, by Michel Dzombala; the rights and duties of Directors, by Professor Achille Sunkam and Dr Dieudonné Piih; General Management: the problem of mandates/the problem of Approval, by Henri Moutalen; the disciplinary responsibility of managers, by Ms. Arlette Edith Malonga, Legal and Litigation Manager of Crédit du Congo; the different regimes of managerial responsibility, by Dieudonné Piih and Doctor Jean Paulin Itoua.
“The themes discussed throughout the work made it possible to point out the different areas of improvement in banking governance, first and foremost the need to apply banking regulations in this area,” declared the Chief of Staff of the Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance.
“Everyone was able to realize, he continued, that if the Directors have rights, they also have, and above all, duties, including confidentiality, diligence and loyalty, which are the basis of the profession of banker and the function of Administrator”.
According to the speaker, the presence of the Vice-Governor of the BEAC and the Representative of the Secretary General of COBAC revealed the great interest aroused by these meetings, through the implementation of recommendations intended to improve the governance of credit institutions.
  “The relationship, sometimes tumultuous, between the Managing Director (DG) of a bank and his Deputy Managing Director (DGA), for example, was treated without taboo or pretense. The role of each was clearly re-specified, and the frank exchanges made it possible to resolve any ambiguities. The thorny question of the corporate mandates of responsible managers, as well as the problem of Approval, have not been avoided. These themes provoked reactions. But, the participants clarified things. The updated subtleties made it possible to understand, for example, the difference between the Social Mandate and the Employment Contract. From this point of view, the application of the COBAC Circular Letter, established for this purpose, remains more than topical,” explained Athanase Ngassaki.
At the end of this Conference, the participants formulated several recommendations. Among other things, the application of the Regulations in this area; the establishment of a Corporate Governance Charter; the practice of good governance; the proper keeping of the Minutes Register; the training of Directors called upon to carry out their tasks on a permanent basis and not only on the day of the Board of Directors; the appointment of two independent Directors; and delegation of credit authority.
Remember that the opening ceremony, which took place on Wednesday May 23, 2023, was sponsored by Ludovic Ngatsé, Minister in charge of the Budget, public accounts and the Public Portfolio, acting as his colleague from the Economy and des Finanes, Jean-Baptiste Ondaye.
In view of the objectives achieved by this Conference, one of its co-organizers, in this case Calixte Tabangoli, President of APEC-Congo, hoped that the 2nd Conference would take place next year, in 2024.
The Communication Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Finance