Congo/Cuba Cooperation - More than 160 Congolese medical students will return in 2020

23 Jan, 2019

The Ambassador of Cuba to Congo, José Antonio Garcia Gonzalez, was received in audience by Calixte Nganongo, Minister of Finance and Budget, in his office, Wednesday, January, 23, 2019, in Brazzaville.


At the end of their discussion, the Cuban diplomat told the press office of the Ministry of Finance that, with regards to the cooperation in the fields of health between the two countries, “ more that 160 graduate medical students will return to Congo in 2020. This first group will be followed by another”. He said that this training continues. The proof: "17 new Congolese medical students have just left Brazzaville for La Havana". 

In addition,José Antonio Garcia Gonzalez took the opportunity to reassure the general public that Congolese students in Cuba are not facing crisis. "I have no information about a difficult situation that Congolese students would face. I know that they are being trained in my country. And, education in Cuba never stops ",he added. 


The press office of the Ministry of Finance