Congolese Minister of Finance Calixte Nganongo visits Directorate General of Customs

01 Sep, 2016

In order to understand the working conditions of services under his command and after about four months at the helm of the Ministry of finance, budget and public portfolio, Calixte Nganongo, accompanied by members of his cabinet, on Thursday 1 September visited the Directorate of Customs and Indirect taxes in Brazzaville. This came after a similar visit some weeks ago to the Directorate General of Public Treasury.

The Minister of Finance visited all directorates of customs one after the other:

  • Directorate of integration of services;

  • Directorate of investigations and research;

  • Directorate of legislation and regulation;

  • Directorate of customs surveillance.

Service by service, bureau by bureau, he went everywhere to see and understand.

I have made a tour of all directorates, I have tried to see and understand the way employees work, the difficulties the face. Now the most important thing is to allow them raise the problems, criticisms and make projections because I think it is their job and not mine. It is therefore left to them to look for solutions. As a manager I will also try to play my role. But in the first place, this visit was aimed at sensitizing on the basics of customs administration” he added at the end of the visit.