Fight against the COVID-19

The Agency for the Regulation of Transfer of Funds and the New Apostolic Church in Congo contribute 12 million CFA francs
16 Jun, 2020

Ludovic Ngatsé, Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, received, on Tuesday 16 June 2020 in Brazzaville, two delegations of donors, namely: that of the Agency for the Regulation of Transfers of Funds (ARTF), led by its Director General, Robert Jean Raphaël Massamba-Debate; and that of the New Apostolic Church in Congo, led by the Reverend Apostle, Aldin BifigaMakoundi, Leading Minister of this religious community.

They carried two cheques, respectively 10 million CFA francs for the ARTF and 2 million CFA francs for the New Apostolic Church, as part of the contribution to the COVID-19 Fund and the National Solidarity Fund, set up by the Head of State, Denis Sassou-N'Guesso and his government. 

"I hope that our modest contribution will meet the expectations of the authorities and bring something positive in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic," said Robert Jean Raphaël Massamba-Débat. For his part, the Reverend Apostle Aldin Bifiga-Makoundi made his own the quotation of the Lord Jesus Christaccording to which, "there is more happiness in giving than in receiving". Adding that "the hope of defeating public enemy number 1, the Coronavirus, is allowed, and that normal life will return to the Congo".

 Minister Ngatsé, receiving the contributions, stressed that the expenses to be covered remain immense, and that the Government alone will not be able to meet them; hence, his sincere thanks to the donors, who have made these enormous sacrifices in these difficult times, particularly the decline in economic activities and the closure of churches due to the pandemic.


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