GD of national financial institutions- 150 Congolese insurance students start their 2017-2018 academic year at the CPFA in Brazzaville

08 Jan, 2018

On Monday January 8, 2018, the Congolese pupils who passed the entrance test to the Centre Professionnel de Formation en Assurance- CPFA (Insurance Training School),  which is located at  Soeurs du Sacre Coeur  Cathedral in Brazzaville, came in great number to school for the first academic day.

As he visited the three classrooms opened for that purpose, the director of the school had been able to assess the rate of the pupil's turn out on the first school day, which was estimated at 75%. Each classroom can take 50 pupils, based on the official list of the pupils who passed the test.

The teachers were also present at school that day.

Albert Ossere seized the opportunity to invite pupils to choose their field of study and to discover new subjects like introduction into insurance, contract law, business law, social law etc.

The director of the school said that the training was free, whereas the teachers were paid by the Ministry of Finance and Budget.

Albert Ossere asked students to be disciplined and to work hard and was happy about the fact that the official nature of the event. He also said he was optimistic that the students would successfully complete their two-year training.

Press department of the Ministry of Finance