Hand over ceremony - Minister of the public portfolio, honourable Calixte Nganongo hands over to his colleague Gilbert Ondongo

30 Aug, 2017

On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, honourable Calixte Nganongo, the outgoing minister of the public portofolio, handed over to his colleague Gilbert Ondongo, the incoming minister of the public portfolio at the headquarters of the ministry of economy in Brazzaville.


The public portfolio is a set of realizable values belonging to the state. The hand over ceremo-ny was about matters from the permanent secretariat of the committee of privatization and the public portfolio directorate. Among urgent matters were the situation of the Ecair airlines company, the project on public transportation (PPT), the Société des pavés(cobbletone company) and the Société de transport fluvial (inland waterway transport company).


"It is with great pleasure that I hand over to you  the public portfolio, an important assignment, as it contributes as never before to the diversification of the economy, so that Congo is no more dependent on oil. The head of state and the prime minister have given us instructions on the reforms to be carried out in public facilities. The importance of the reforms to be carried out, the transversal nature of a greater part of state businesses  and the government solidarity require that we keep on working together.We have already done something great, but much remains to be done", the Minister of finance and budget, honourable Calixte Nganongo, said in his speech.


After thanking the head of state for renewing their confidence in him and his colleague of the ministry of finance for appointing them again in the government, honourable Gilbert Ondongo, minister of economy, industry and public portfolio, just after his colleague's speech,  committed to achieve a good management of the public portfolio so that it becomes dynamic. He would like state companies to contribute to the state revenue. Then the public sector will be able to grow along with profitable companies, but also get slim with the closing of non profitable public facilities, which are state fund consuming and have a gloomy future.



Press department of the ministry of finance