Handover between Ministers Calixte Nganongo and Roger Rigobert Andely

21 May, 2021

The handover ceremony between the outgoing Minister of Finance and Budget, Calixte Nganongo, and the incoming Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, Roger Rigobert Andely, took place on Friday 21 May 2021 in Brazzaville.


During this ceremony of exchange of instructions, the audience followed the reading of the minutes of handover by the Director of Cabinet of the outgoing Minister of Finance and Budget, Henri Loundou, followed by the signing of the Report. The Director of Cabinet gave, among other things, an update on the management of the public finance reform and listed the projects of the information system reform.

The projects of the information system reform, according to the Director of Cabinet


With a view to securing State revenues and rationalizing public spending, several projects to reform the information system of the Ministry of Finance and Budget have been carried out.

The most emblematic of these is the SIGFIP project (Integrated Public Financial Management System), which went into operation on August 17, 2020, replacing SIDERE. All State budget expenditures are now executed through SIGFIP.

As with any system change of this magnitude, there were technical difficulties in getting started. This is because the implementation of a new integrated management software package cannot fail to generate a few problems. Most of these technical difficulties have been resolved.


Other reform projects


The Unique Identification Number (UIN), modernized and secured thanks to biometrics and intelligent identification; the System for monitoring the payment of State debts by extractive companies (SYSPACE); the modernization of the Information System of the General Directorate of Taxes through E-TAX; the modernization of the Information System of the General Directorate of Customs through E-Customs; the Single Payment Window (GUP) deployed at the Congo Postal Bank; the dematerialization of the stamp thanks to the stamping machines; the improvement of the management system for the payroll of government employees (SIPAE and E-Bulletin); the government's human resources management system (SIGRHE); the system for preparing the balance of payments (SYSBAL); the Application for the Management of Taxation, Verification and Legality of Timber (SIVL); the Portal for the dematerialization of administrative procedures through TELESERVICE; the Platform for online payment with modern means (E-PAY).

Exchange of courtesies between the two Ministers

In his message, Calixte Nganongo welcomed his successor Roger Rigobert Andely. The latter revealed to the audience the virtues of wisdom of his predecessor, as well as rigor in work, and especially endurance to work until ungodly hours of the night, not only since his passage at the National Oil Company of Congo (SNPC), but also during his tenure at the head of this Ministry, since 2016. Roger Rigobert Andely also appreciated the dynamics of transparency in the management of human and financial resources, instilled by Calixte Nganongo. He pledged to continue this dynamic with all the staff, in the name of the continuity of the State. He will also take advantage of the valuable advice he received from his predecessor. 

It should be noted that this handover was preceded, on the same day, by the exchange of instructions between the outgoing Minister of State, Minister of Economy, Industry and Public Portfolio, Gilbert Ondongo, and Roger Rigobert Andely, incoming Minister of Public Portfolio. 


The Press Office of the Ministry of Finance