HR-PAYROLL Project( Integrated management system of the payroll) -Opening of a mid-term assessment workshop

27 Jun, 2018

The mid-term workshop for the assessment of the integrated management system of the payroll (HR-PAROLL) was opened on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, at kintele, in the northern suburb of Brazzaville, by Guy Noel Londongo, director of the information system of the Ministry of Finance and Budget.

18 participants or so from the information system department, the general department  of Budget, the Ministry of Civil Service and the World Bank (FRISP project) are taking part in the workshop.

For four days, they will work on the assessment of the HR-PAYROLL project and on the transfer of powers and future improvement activities.

The HR-PAYROLL project is part of the modernization process of the information system of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, the aim of which is to improve revenues and public expenditure discipline. HR-PAYROLL  enables the mastering of the number of civil servants and military men, which requires the setting  up  of a unique data base shared by all actors,  projections on the civil service and military men present and outside the country, precisions on the administrative and financial process of staff management and the rationalization of the management of the staff files and records. Are also part of this, the protected update and control of data, so as to limit unjustified payments; the mastering of expenses related to human resources (HR); a better management of careers; a better recruitment policy; the mastering of the civil servants and military men management.;  users' capacity building and a better integration so as to take into account the retired. 

The HR-PAYROLL project is conducted by an integrator partner, Popay firm, and supervised by the Head of the project, Rufin Serge Malonga.

Press department of the Ministry of Finance and Budget

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