Information system department of the Ministry of Finance(ISD) - Oracle Exadata X6-2 and Oracle Exalogic X6-2 servers now available

09 Aug, 2017

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 the Minister of finance, budget and public portfolio's Private Secretary, Emmanuel Akouala Mpan, received the second set of the equipment bought for the Integrated system of public finance management project. It is about Oracle Exalogic X6-2 server for hosting the applications of the project, but also the other applications of the ministry such as the management of human resources and the payroll (HR-Payroll) or that of the tax department.

The reception of Oracle Exlogic X6-2 server (application server) is happening eight months after that of Oracle Exadata X6-2(data base server) in December 2016 by the ministry. So, the Information system department is happy for having a complete high performance platform and was represented at the ceremony held on August 9, 2017 by its director, Guy Noel Londongo. This will enable to finalize the two projects underway in the ministry(SIGfiP and HR-Payroll)) and be used for future important applications of the ministry, such as that of the tax and state property general department. The hosting of data in the same server will facilitate the intercon-nexion of all excise departments.

The representative of the supplier, Theodore Kouassi, said that the high tech equipment could be used for thirty years. The management of such an equipment will be carried out by highly qualified technicians of the ministry who must be trained consequently. He added that some applications like the payroll will be transferred to these new servers.

On behalf of the Minister of finance, the Private Secretary further said :« the ideal is that this tool be perfor-mant and meets the expectations of the government through the ministry of finance, budget and public portfolio».

In fact, within the framework of the budget management in terms of revenues and expenditure, the government had decided to acquire an integrated management software package Oracle EBS, which after integration should lead to the SGFiP. In compliance with the recommendation of the third session of the piloting committee(COPIL) of the reform programme of the information system of the Ministry of finance, budget and public portfolio held on June 22, 2017, the software package has been under test since July 03, 2017.

Should it be reminded that the SIGFiP software package is an application for budget management which enables to increase budget revenues from various tax collections departments(tax, customs...) and to follow all the steps relating the of the state expenditure chain- commitment, authorization and payment of running and investment budget expenditure of the Congolese state.

The SIGFiP project has five(5) main objectives, notably : 1- adoption of an integrated solution to comply with the requirements of budget management in terms of revenues and expenditure, 2- designing of a common and strong financial framework for the Ministry of finance, 3- rationalization and standardization of the management process with less man involvement enabling then a strong monitoring of data protection and access 4-implementation of an integrated solution for the budget planning by using Oracle hyperion, 5- use of a strong reporting platform for report production, in order to measure and control performance indicators for the process covered within this field.

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