National Solidarity Fund for the Fight against COVID-19

Minister Ludovic Ngatsé has received contributions from the Congolese Shippers’ Council and La Mouyondzienne Association
19 May, 2020

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 in Brazzaville, Ludovic Ngatsé, Minister delegate in charge of Budget, has successively received the cheques of 1O million issued by the Congolese Shippers’ Council (CCC) and 1 million de F CFA La Mouyondzienne Association (ALM), as contribution to the National Response to the Covid-19. 

The chairperson of the Board of Director of the Congolese Shippers’ Council, Jean Louis Osso, and the president of La Mouyondzienne Association, Marianne Sianard, were the bearers of the said cheques. 

Thanking the donors on behalf of the Government, Minister Ngatsé said that ‘’the lifting up of the lockdown does not mean the end of the pandemic. Therefore, all current and future donations will always be welcome to replenish the Covid-19 Fund and the National Solidarity Fund to fight against the Coronavirus’’.

As a reminder, Congolese Shiipers’ Council was created by ordinance 8-2000 of 28 February 2000, while la Mouyondzienne Association is a non-governmental organisation, apolitical and non-profit organisation, created on 15 July 1975. It groups together former daughters of the Federal Normal Course, the National College and the Normal School of Mouyondzi, in the Bouenza division.



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