Tax Management System (E-TAX)

200 agents of the 10 Units of Smaller and Small Enterprises in Brazzaville trained
06 Jul, 2021

On Tuesday, July 6, 2021 in the Congolese capital, a training on the procedure for calculating lump sum within the Tax Management System (E-TAX) was launched by Noël Missiengué, computer engineer, member of the said Project.

Overall, 200 tax officials and agents of the 10 Units of Smaller and Small Enterprises (USE) established in Brazzaville will learn, during 5 days, how to calculate the lump sum, no longer by hand, but by computer, the 4 new taxes, namely: Global Lump Sum Tax (IGF), Patent, Universal Health Assistance Coverage (CAMU) and Departmental Tax (former regional tax to be paid to local authorities).

"This training is part of the continuation of the Seminar launched since June 2020, and which concerns the forty or so taxes provided for by the Law," Noël Missiengué said, adding that "from July 10, 2021, the agents of the 10 Units of Very Small and Small Enterprises (UTPPE) installed in Brazzaville will begin to collect the payment of these taxes from taxpayers”.

It should be noted that the first training sessions have already covered the collection of value added tax (VAT), corporate tax (IS), ...

Noël Missiengué recalled that the purpose of this training is to put the New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) at the service of good management of public finances, in terms of speed of financial operations, as well as security and tracking of State revenues.

This training, organized by the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, through the Directorate General of Taxation and Estate (DGID), is provided by three Congolese computer engineers from the Tax Administration, namely: Prince Tsaty, Romaric Okemba and Rachelly Dimi-Oba.


Some training topics

 Participants in this training session will have to follow presentations such as feedback on the use of E-TAX by USE managers (difficulties encountered, ways of improvement, etc.. ); presentation of the procedure for setting the fee within E-TAX; input of the 294M form by the manager; transmission for approval to the head of the Unit; task tracking-Approval of the declaration by the head of the Unit; task tracking-Referral for completion by the head of the Unit; search for the declaration returned for completion/cancellation of forms in case of error (reversal); search for the approved declaration/acknowledgement of the 294M; etc.


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