Visit to the Data-Center of the Ministry of Finance and Budget

The technicality and data security of E-SCHOLARSHIPS have been appreciated by Ministers Calixte Nganongo and Bruno Jean Richard Itoua
28 Jun, 2019

Housed in the building of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, the Data-center which has been visited Friday 28 June 2019 in Brazzaville, is a Data Storage Centre intended to host, among other things, data on the electronic processing of files and the payment of bursaries and educational aids for students applying. This visit comes 11 days after the official launch of the E-SCHOLARSHIPS electronic platform. 


During this guided tour, led by Guy Noël Londongo, Director of Information Systems (DSI) of the Ministry of Finance abd Budget, the two Ministers, Bruno Jean Richard Itoua, in charge of Higher Education, and Calixte Nganongo, in charge of Finance and Budget, accompanied by the representative of the Minister of Technical and Professional Education, of Skilled Training and Employment, have appreciated the reliability of machines and the security of data.  They were subsequently treated to the presentation of the E-SCHOLARSHIPS, made by Delmouth Gonzalez, an IT engineer in the Department of Information Systems.

The discussions around this presentation focused mainly on the advantages of this plateform, in particular the funding of student grants, the unique identification of students and the controlling of the number of beneficiaries. This will prevent student gatherings observed so far in front of manual pay windows and office congestion by many crowded files waiting processing. 

On this occasion, the Minister of Higher Education expressed the need, on behalf of the interministerial collaboration, to store the data of this Ministry in the server of the Data-Center of the Ministry of Finance. Likewise, he wanted E-SCHOLARSHIPS to provide an application for the guidance of students, who, until then, guide themselves after the Baccalaureat. And another application for training, with a view to matching training to employment, in order to avoid employment of graduates.

Guidance from the Members of Government on the next steps of E-SCHOLARSHIPS

Technically, this platform has been a success for Congolese engineers. But there is still the operational phase which will consist in meeting the expectations of the beneficiaries, in particular the Administration, the students and their parents. To this end, the 2019 scholarships campaign will be launched next July. The Commission on Handling Files will be mixed initially: both manual and electronic. A mechanism for assessing the two treatment modes will need to be put in place. 


The Press office of the Ministry of Finance