Capacity Building and Renewal of Human Resources in Public Finance in the CEMAC Zone

11 Congolese auditors, finalists of the 7th promotion of the IEF-PR of Libreville, defended their internship projects and their internship report projects in Brazzaville
02 Nov, 2021

From Tuesday 26 October to Wednesday 3 November 2021, the Institute of Economics and Finance - Regional Training Centre for Financial Authorities of Central Africa (IEF-PR), based in Libreville (Gabon), organised, by videoconference, the intermediate defences of its finalist auditors from the 6 countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), including Congo-Brazzaville.


These auditors, who form the 7th promotion of this school, have been trained for two years (from 2019 to 2021) in Libreville. However, they chose and defended their internship projects and their internship report projects in their respective countries, under the supervision of their local supervisors, while waiting to return to Libreville for the final or definitive defense. This explains the "intermediate" or preliminary nature of these defences in the country.

Congo-Brazzaville has 11 auditors from four financial departments or Directorates General of the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, namely: the Treasury, Customs, Taxes and Budgetary Control. Saturnin IpodoNzingou, Jonathan SimpliceKoumouKombowa, François Ngoma and David Boulingui are the four Congolese supervisors who assisted the candidates in the examination room set up for the occasion at the Directorate of Human Resources and Training (DRHF) of the said Ministry, under the coordination of the DRHF, Jean-Marie Montsagna, national representative of this sub-regional school. 


The 11 themes of the internship projects and internship report projects defended by the Congolese students in Brazzaville


Formalisation of internal accounting and financial control in local authorities in Congo: issues and prospects (Olivia Anaïs IkoungaNgombo); The role of cash and the effects of its false declaration in the tax base (ThidéClaiveAbomiOyaba); Critical analysis of the end of year accounting work in public administrative institutionsThe case of general hospitals(GaslineJoannisPambouNdinga); Exemptions from duties and taxes for economic agents and their impact on state budgets (Chrisneil Russ TomandzotoBobika); Optimisation of cash flow and financial performance of the state (Thales de Mongo GandzienOckana); Impact of research on tax revenues of the General Directorate of Taxes and Domains - DGID (Jacques Rostand HydrissMoukassaMban); Electronic money and the collection of tax revenues(Grâce DaurianeNgoulouMouetoua); The yield of property tax in Congo(BermelyDruchelNgayouli); The principles of the separation of the Authorising Officer/Accountant and the modern management of public finance (Germa KarimSeyesMabika); The tax control of declarations made by taxpayers belonging to the Small Business Units (SBU): The case of Brazzaville's UPEs (AstriaYanneErodotePandi); Taxation of public schools in Congo: problems and prospects (MarcelietteOnive BonEtat).


As a reminder, the IEF-PR was created in 1981 as a CEMAC institution specialising in the initial and continuous training of economic and financial administration personnel. Its objective is to respond to the performance and efficiency needs of these administrations through capacity building and the renewal of human resources. 

The training provided is focused on four specialties, namely: Economic and Financial Administration, Customs, Taxes and Treasury.


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