Communication from the Minister of Economy and Finance

The six (6) main issues and challenges and the five (5) strategic orientations of the Minister Jean-Baptiste ONDAYE
26 Nov, 2022

On Saturday, November 26, 2022, that is to say two months to the day, after taking office on Tuesday, September 27, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, made a communication to the executives of the structures and institutions under his supervision. The ceremony took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Congolese Abroad, in Brazzaville. 

In a calm and serene tone, before an attentive audience, Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, outlined the six (6) main issues and challenges and the five (5) strategic orientations of his Ministry. According to him, this roadmap has the advantage of urging each of his collaborators to ‘’take the path that leads to efficiency, for convincing results of our common action’’.

As the main issues and challenges of the ministry he is in charge of, Jean Baptiste Ondaye cited, in chronological order the mobilization of resources, with a view to implementing the National Development Plan (NDP) 2022-2026 as well as the optimal functioning of the State; the acceleration of the diversification of the national economy; the reduction of debt and the viability of the State debt; the execution of the Program concluded with the international financial institutions under the Extended Credit Facility(ECF) 2022-2024; the execution of the Resilience Plan on the food crisis 2022-2023; and the challenge of the rationalization of the economic and financial governance.

The strategic guidelines issued by the Monetary Authority of Congo focus, successively, on the obligation of performance and results; the fight against anti-values; the promotion of team spirit; the need to have a roadmap for short, medium and long-term activities; and the periodic evaluation of programmed activities.

For the Minister of Economy and Finance, this evaluation will be done quarterly, under the coordination of the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF), which will prepare the reports. To this end, he said, ‘’a monitoring and evaluation scorecard for activities or reforms will be made available to each executive for permanent self-evaluation’’.

This communication from the Minister of Economy and Finance took place 48 hours before the celebration, on Monday 28 November 2022, of the 64th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic on 28 November 1958. On this occasion, he presented to the audience his wishes for a good and happy holiday. 

The Communication Unit of the Ministries of Finance and Budget