Congo: EITI adopts annual report for 2014 financial year

29 Dec, 2016

The agenda centred on validation of the road map on real property; policy on open data and the 2017 work plan. There were also other matters.

The committee also adopted the roadmap on real property mechanism, which will be submitted to the Government of the Republic of Congo. This analysed report covers two financial years with known figures on the EITI mechanism within the framework of the report’s adoption. It will be made available to the international EITI secretariat at the global level and the International Board of Directors.

"We received and discussed key points of this report and we can conclude that globally the report centres on two financial years whose figures have already been confirmed» explained the president of the executive committee of EITI Congo, Florent Michel Okoko .

He announced that within the framework of this report, EITI at the appropriate time will discuss in detail with the media.

As for recommendations, he mentioned the improvement of the information system in some institutions in charge of public finance and the recurring issue of petroleum and mining registry. These recommendations have already been made in the past, recalled Mr. Okoko.


Source: Congo site

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