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Two days of PEFA Method Appropriation Seminar in Brazzaville
11 Jan, 2022

Rigobert Roger Andely, Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, sponsored the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) method appropriation seminar in Brazzaville on Tuesday 11 January 2022. He was accompanied by his colleague Ludovic Ngatsé, Delegate in charge of the Budget, and Korotoumou Ouattara, World Bank Representative in Congo.

The Public Expenditure Review and Financial Accountability Programme (PEFA) provides support, monitoring and analysis to assess the performance of public financial management in the state. The two-day training, in face-to-face and distance mode, is intended for executives and agents of the financial authorities.

For Ms. Korotoumou Ouattara, “this PEFA exercise in Congo was designed in an agile format, therefore simplified and accelerated, with the aim of providing an updated diagnosis on the performance of public finance management systems in this country. The last PEFA exercise in Congo was published in June 2014. It has therefore been more than 7 years, and it is time to measure progress and identify current weaknesses, within a recognised and objective framework of reference and good practice in public financial management”. He added that the workshop is expected to provide “comprehensive information on the exact status of reforms and possible obstacles to their implementation, based on a structured approach, with a view to facilitating a more informed dialogue with development partners and the Government's long-term strategic vision, supported by an effective Reform Action Plan designed to respond to the country's unique situation”.

For his part, Minister Robert Roger Andely added: “Congo has embarked on a process of modernising public finances, through a series of reforms, which aims at putting in place a system of public finance management that is efficient, transparent and above all in line with international standards in this area. This process is being carried out in full compliance with the Harmonised Public Financial Management Framework of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). This framework is made up of a set of six directives relating, in particular, to finance laws, the General Regulations on Public Accounting (RGCP), the State Accounting Plan (PCE), the State Budget Nomenclature (NBE), the State Financial Operations Table (TOFE) and the Code of Transparency in Public Financial Management (CTGFP). The desire to reform Congolese public finances was reaffirmed by the Government in the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policy 2022-2024 concluded with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)”.

Participants in this workshop will follow, among other topics: presentation of the PEFA agile exercise Republic of Congo 2022: Background, objectives, governance, cycle and timetable of the evaluation exercise, validation by the Government and quality control (PEFAcheck), presentation of the Performance Measurement Framework of Public Finance Management-PEFA: Coverage, methodology, data collection and format of the final Report and presentation of pillar 1: Budget reliability (indicators 1 to 3)...


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