Congolese Sinking Fund (CCA)

204 Economic Operators will collect their claims
02 Aug, 2022

On Monday, 1 August 2022 in Brazzaville, the first stage of verification of files was launched with a view to the full payment of all audited and validated debts of economic operators. In total, 204 creditors are concerned in this first stage in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire.

This verification of files is taking place at the Congolese Sinking Fund (CCA) in the two major cities of Congo, Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. Economic operators present, in particular, ‘’the National Identity Card (CNI); the Unique Identification Number (NIU); the Bank Identification Statement (RIB); the Trade Register number (RC);... These documents will enable the authorized agents to fund the account of each beneficiary. These documents will enable the authorized agents to fund the account of each beneficiary, because financial operations require these elements before payment can be made’’, said a CCA official. This operation will take at least two weeks, for debts not exceeding 10 million CFA francs. 

This operation will not only significantly reduce the number of creditors, but also facilitate the processing of the balance of the commercial debt. Each creditor in this category will receive full payment of his or her debt, without any discount, but after deduction of taxes due to the State. ‘’We need creditors who have already gone through the audit. Let them come to the CCA so that we can start the operation. The present stage concerns debts between 0 and 10 million. The next stage will concern debts of more than 10 million CFA francs’’ said Mr Akouéré, an official from the CCA's Debt Department.

‘’We thank, first of all, the Government, which has shown illustration in the communiqué it issued on the gradual discharge of the debt. Don't forget that the problem of the internal debt was beginning to become a national drama. We dare to hope that this first step augurs a better tomorrow. We at the UNOC employers' union pledge to be prudent in the management of the resources that the CCA has placed at our disposal, because our ambition is to re-establish the economic operator as a model of the Social and Solidarity Economy’’, said Jean Daniel Ovaga, President of the National Union of Economic Operators of Congo (UNOC).

‘’204 people out of thousands of  economic operators is already a sufficient first step to welcome this manifest will of the Government in this period of multidimensional crisis.  No nation in the world can achieve anything without a strong national private sector. Do not forget that the wealth of a country is only generated by the private sector. The State is only the collector of this resource. The State has just made a small gesture that will loosen the stranglehold’’, he concluded.


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