First session of the National Investment Commission (CNI) for the year 2023

Sixteen applications received unreserved favorable opinions; one with a favorable opinion subject to change; and five rejected
01 Apr, 2023
On Saturday April 1, 2023 in Brazzaville, Athanase Ngassaki, Chief of Staff, representing Jean-Baptiste Ondaye, Minister of Economy and Finance, and President of the National Investment Commission (CNI), opened the work of the first session of said Commission for the year 2023. In the presence of Ferdinand Sosthène Likouka, Chief of Staff of Mrs. Ingrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka-Babackas, Minister of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration; and Franck Mondesir Mbouayila Tsassa, Director General of Economy and Permanent Secretary of the CNI. 24 requests, representing 2.572 billion 52 million 836.394 F CFA of investment intentions to be realized and 3578 jobs to be created, were examined.
“This session of the National Investment Commission is being held at a time when Congo is resolutely embarking on public finance reforms. This exercise of great importance aims to create a network of companies firmly established throughout the national territory. The decisions of our Commission constitute support for the consolidation of the productive system”, declared Athanase Ngassaki, at the opening of the work.
Bidding companies operate in several sectors, including Agropastoral; fish farming; the Peach ; Automotive; Buildings and Public Works (BTP); health ; Port Services; Insurance and Reinsurance; management ; real estate and hotel development; transportation ; Services ; Industry; and Forestry.
During this meeting, the National Investment Commission examined 24 applications for approval of the advantages of the Investment Charter, representing 2.572 billion 52 million 836.394 CFA francs of investment intentions to be carried out and 3578 jobs to be created.
At the end of the work, sixteen (16) requests received unreserved favorable opinions; one received a favorable opinion with reservations; and five (5) applications received unfavorable opinions.
These massive investments will contribute to improving the Congolese economic fabric, which has deteriorated following a succession of crises that the Republic of Congo is going through due to the economic crisis, the Covid-19 health crisis, and the crisis. Russian-Ukrainian.
Private companies seek the support of the Congolese State, in order to ensure them a real economic take-off.
It should be noted that the first session of the CNI for the year 2023 was held in a favorable national economic and financial context, marked by the increase in the price of a barrel of oil and the increase in activities in two sectors: the primary and tertiary sector.
It should be remembered that as the body for the execution of the Government's investment promotion policy, the CNI's main missions are to examine applications for approval and to grant approved companies the advantages of the privileged regimes of the Investment Charter.
The 2nd session of the National Investment Commission for the year 2022 took place on November 11, 2022. At the end of it, 38 files had been examined (including 31 approved files and 07 adjourned files).
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