The Minister of Finance opens two one stop windows for customs clearance in Brazzaville

06 Jun, 2017

On Tueday, June 6, 2017, the Minister of Finance opened two customs clearance one stop windows in Brazzaville. They are respectively located at the Beach and at Maya Maya international airport.


From now on, importers willing to proceed with customs clearance will be able to go to the branches of the Banque Postale du Congo (BPC) located at the beach and at Maya Maya airport to pay for their customs fees cash or by cheque. The bank has been chosen by the ministry of finance in order to have safe bank transactions. It is a revolution which is against tax evasion and red tape.


Having safe computerised bank transactions in one place is very important. It avoids manual operations and have customers save time. In fact, with the opening of a one stop window, importers will stop going around offices for payment» the Minister of Finance said. He added this: «In the move for having safe payments for peace of mind, we decided at any cost to computerize and share the equipment. The computer fee was introduced in order to set up a computer architecture. For that purpose, we created an IT department which is doing the job. Truly speaking, we want to interconnect our following three departments- the customs, the tax department and the treasury.


 In Pointe Noire, one stop windows are located at the autonomous port and near Agostinho Neto airport and were opened two years ago. Another one stop window will open in Dolisie and Ouesso in the days to come.


Press Department of the Ministry of Finance