Seminar on factoring and leasing

Closing of the seminar on the popularisation of laws relating to factoring and leasing
06 May, 2022

Ludovic Ngatsé, Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, representing Rigobert Roger Andely, Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio, closed on Friday 6 May 2022, in the multipurpose room of the National Directorate of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC), the popularisation and awareness seminar on the laws relating to factoring and leasing in the Republic of Congo.

The organisation of this popularisation seminar is part of the actions that should contribute to the appropriation of these tools (factoring and leasing) by all stakeholders. However, the participants noted the need for virtuous behaviour on the part of SME managers, particularly in terms of respecting their commitments and financial communication. Furthermore, the optimisation of these instruments will require: the strengthening of infrastructures for the centralisation and publication of financial information; the reduction of uncertainty about the outcome of related litigation before the courts; the modernisation of the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM) in order to reduce the risks of fraud or error.

During the seminar, participants welcomed the CNEF's initiatives in implementing the project to digitise the personal property security register, which will help promote transparency and information sharing between lenders and borrowers. They also encouraged the professional associations to play a central role in: promoting good practices through the sharing of experience and the harmonisation of procedures; presenting and defending the interests of each group of players, particularly to national authorities and the various regulators; and building the capacity of players by organising awareness-raising sessions and seeking partnerships with specialised bodies. Finally, they called for a greater involvement of public and private organisations for the support and guarantee of SMEs, as well as insurance companies in the development of risk-sharing mechanisms linked to the practice of factoring and leasing.

The seminar was opened on Thursday, 5 May 2022, by Armel Dieudonné Panzou Bayonne, First Deputy National Director of the BEAC, acting as Secretary General of the National Economic and Financial Committee (CNEF). The seminar was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and the Promotion of Indigenous Peoples, the Ministry of the Economy, Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration, the Ministry of Industrial Development and the Promotion of the Private Sector, the Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, the Informal Sector and Handicrafts, representatives of professional associations of credit and microfinance institutions, private and public companies, the Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire Chambers of Commerce, public and private organisations supporting SMEs and the judiciary. 



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