SENATE - The proposed state budget for 2017 amended and adopted for an amount of 1,513,285 billion CFA francs

23 Dec, 2017

On Saturday, December 23, 2017 at Palais des Congres in Brazzaville,  the third senate legislature, meeting in budgetary ordinary session since last October 15, devoted a plenary session to the review and adoption  of five items, among which : review and adoption  of the report nº 6 of the Economic and Financial Committee of the senate relating to the bill on the amended finance law for the year 2017 and that of the reportnº 5 of the same Committee on the review of the bill on  the final state budget regulation Act for the year 2016.

The bill on the amended finance Act for the year 2017 was backed up by  the Minister of Finance and Budget, honourable Calixte Nganongo, and had been adopted unanimously without any amendment in terms of  expenditure and revenue.  The budget amounted to  1,513 billion 285 million CFA francs against 2,744 billion CFA francs as initially planned.

Yet, the overall readjusted budget amounts to 1,243 billion 300 mil-lion CFA francs in terms of  revenue and to 1,498 billion 537 million CFA francs in terms of expenditure, which then results in an overall budgetary balance deficit amounting to 255 billion 237 million CFA francs, which will be financed with the cash flow surplus.

The cash surplus comes from the level of  cash flow and amounts to 635 billion 49 million CFA francs.

As for the bill on the state budget regulation Act  for the year 2016, which was backed up by the Minister of Finance and Budget, it had also been adopted at the plenary session.

The budget had been set for an amount 2,156 billion and 468 million CFA francs in terms of revenue and for an amount of 2454 billion 717 million CFA francs in terms of expenditure. It resulted in an estimated deficit of 298 billion 249 million CFA francs to be financed with the cash flow surplus related to cash expenses.


Press department of the Ministry of Finance


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