SUNU insurance sets up in the Congo

’Allianz Congo Insurance’’ becomes a new subsidiary of SUNU Insurance Group and is now called ‘’SUNU Insurance IARD Congo’’.
07 Sep, 2022

On Wednesday, September 7, 2022 in Brazzaville, Thierry Brou Kouadio, Managing Director of SUNU Insurance IARD Congo, the new name of ‘’Allianz Congo Insurance’’, co-hosted a press conference. He was accompanied by Dimitri Iriye, Area Director of the SUNU Insurance Group, Ba Coulibaly, Director of Communications of the said Group and Jean Pierre Nonault, Director General of National Financial Institutions (DGIFN), representing Rigobert Roger Andely, Congolese Minister of Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio.


The aim of this conference was to present the SUNU Insurance Group and its ambitions in the Republic of Congo, through its new subsidiary formerly called Allianz Congo Insurance.

As a reminder, Allianz Congo Insurance started its activities in Pointe-Noire on 9 January 2012. This Insurance company joined the SUNU Group in November 2021. It offers a wide range of insurance solutions to corporate clients, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large international groups.

Presentation of the SUNU Group

The SUNU Group, according to Thierry Brou Kouadio, was created in 1998 by the Senegalese Papa Pathé Dione. It is established in 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and includes some thirty insurance companies and other affiliated companies. 

The Group's management is under the chairmanship of Papa Pathé Dione, who is also the Managing Director. The latter is vested with the broadest powers to act in all circumstances on behalf of the company. The SUNU Group's management is also ensured by Deputy General Managers, whose mission is to assist the President and General Manager in the exercise of his functions.

 The SUNU Group's values are to place the Client at the centre of everything; to respect and value the women and men who make up the SUNU Group; to promote agility and innovation in order to dare, change and constantly renew itself. Other values of the SUNU Group are performance and a culture of results, in order to create sustainable value. 

Ambitions of the SUNU Group 

Among its ambitions, SUNU aspires to become a pan-African Group, leader in Insurance and financial services, to successfully accompany people and organisations on the African continent, wishing to protect themselves and secure everything that is precious to them. Thus, SUNU is committed to making insurance protection and financial services available to all, thanks to authentic solutions; to offering development opportunities to the women and men who make up the SUNU Group, thanks to an environment conducive to performance; to creating sustainable value for investors and to contributing positively to actions in the communities where the Group is present.

The essence of the question and answer game

When asked what ‘’SUNU’’ and ‘’IARD’’ mean in the name ‘’SUNU Insurance IARD Congo’’, the moderators of the conference indicated that SUNU is a Wolof word (spoken in Senegal) which means OUR, while IARD means Fire, Accident (in the field of Transport) and Miscellaneous Risks. 

The journalists also wanted to know more about the areas that SUNU sponsors. ‘’There are five sectors, namely: Health, Education, Culture, Sports and the Environment’’, the speakers said.

Similarly, the media men asked their interlocutors about the job offer within the SUNU Group. ‘’The SUNU Group employs 40,000 people worldwide. In Congo Brazzaville, Allianz Congo Assurances, which became SUNU Insurance IARD Congo, has 40 employees, including 37 Congolese and 3 expatriates’’.

As for the SUNU Insurance Group logo, the knights of the pen and microphone were informed that "it is a diamond, which symbolises the diamond. This precious material refers to the quality of the services that the SUNU Group intends to offer to Congo Brazzaville through its new subsidiary’’.

During the question and answer session, the Director General of National Financial Institutions, Jean Pierre Nonault, stressed that ‘’the entering of the SUNU Group on the insurance market in Congo is a godsend in terms of money and also in terms of the security of goods and people’’.


The Communication Unit of the Ministry of Finance