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Training and awareness workshop on the E-TAX application in Pointe-Noire
04 Aug, 2020

The Director of Information Systems (DSI) of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, Guy Noël Londongo opened, Tuesday, August 4, 2020 in the economic capital, the training workshop, simultaneous managers of the Large Enterprises Unit (EMU) and the sensitization workshop for taxpayers registered in this unit.  


From 4 to 7 August 2020, more than 35 managers of the EGU are participating in the training of the new Tax Management System (E-TAX). Participants will learn, among other things, about : Taxpayer information, Search and consultation of taxpayer information, Search for the tax declaration form of existence, Follow-up of tasks-Approval of the declaration, Input/search for the opening declaration form of a tax entity, Monthly VAT and excise duty declaration, Access to dashboards for management follow-up, etc...

Taxpayers of the Pointe-Noire Large Enterprises Unit, which brings together businesses in Kouilou, Niari, Lékoumou and Bouenza, have been sensitized and trained in the use of the E-TAX platform. The tax administration is thus determined to modernize its business and to open the portal to users, in order to achieve control of online payments, and especially without moving.

At the opening of the workshop, the CIO, Guy Noël Longondo, who had at his side Lambert Ifoko, E-TAX project manager and Jodicia Moukouyou, IT project manager, said to the participants: "you have to take ownership of the portal, this tool is yours, and it has the advantage of facilitating your relationship with the tax authorities. Because it allows you to do a maximum of obligations without having to go to the tax centres. This is especially justified at a time when our country, like the rest of the world, is experiencing an unprecedented health crisis, when we are all being asked to comply with certain barrier measures. So the use of tele-procedures is the right thing to do".

For taxpayers, the E-TAX project has considerably revolutionized tax practices. "We really believe that the E-TAX system will not only help companies to better control their tax management, but also facilitate the tax administration to process files in real time. Because among the difficulties we encounter with the old system, there is above all the administrative slowness which is often detrimental to us with the payment of penalties," stressed Mr. Frédéric Kapoutine of the logging company Taman Industry, while Mr BatilaNzemba of the company Crasmer said:"another advantage that the new E-TAX system brings us is the local taxes, which were paid according to the locality. Now, with this new system, we who are at the UGE, we can pay these taxes where we are, in our department directly, instead of moving or making transfers from accounts, for example, in Pointe-Noire to pay taxes that are located in Brazzaville. We can now pay locally in Pointe-Noire, and that is a major advantage".   

The training and sensitization workshop has allowed, in turn, Guy Noël Londongo, Lambert Ifoko, Jodicia Moukouyou and Okemba-Ngatsono Romaric Vinod, during the interactive exchanges of participants and taxpayers to enlighten stakeholders on the difficulties they may encounter.


The Press Office of the Ministry of Finance.

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