Working mission of the Minister Delegate for the Budget in Pointe-Noire

Pointe-Noire's tax officers and executives call on to be accountable for results
25 Jun, 2020

With a view to improving the performance and efficiency of the Congolese tax administration, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Finance and Budget, in charge of the Budget, Ludovic Ngatsé, has issued important directives to the managers and agents of the Departmental Directorate of Taxes and State Property of Kouilou (DDIDK). Minister Ludovic Ngatsé thus set the tone for the next six months to achieve the expected results. This was during the working mission he carried out from Thursday 25 to Friday 26 June 2020 in Pointe-Noire. 

From the round conducted in the Units of Smaller and Small-sized Businesses (UTPPE), the Registry, Domain and Stamp (BEDT), the Office of Property Conservation (BCF), the Unit of Personal Taxation (UFP), the Unit of Medium-sized Enterprises (UME), located in different boroughs of the city of Pointe-Noire, the minister said he had had very good working sessions with the executives under supervision. 

The minister noted that, because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the containment measures, the performance of the tax administration was not good in the months of April and May 2020. That is why, we must work hard so that the services can recover this loss of income considered important, as we are at amounts below 40 billion CFA francs, said the minister. Hence the descent on the ground to mobilize the teams to work to increase output, because, the Minister added, Congo has the potential to increase the achievements of the tax services. 

With regard to the working environment, several tax administration structures in Kouilou are nevertheless in optimal conditions, and about 40% are waiting for investment. It is in this perspective that the government is currently considering the project to improve the general working conditions of the tax authorities. 

However, this cannot hide the motivation for the tax services to live up to the expectations of the government and the Congolese people," added Minister Ludovic Ngatsé, who did not fail to hammer on the responsibility of each person to be aware of what is at stake, and the efforts to be made to deserve the trust of the authorities and the government.


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