IIA Consistency Control Seminar ends

Participants request that a specific statute for insurance supervisors should be developed
08 Jul, 2022

From Monday 4 to Friday 8 July 2022 in Brazzaville was held the seminar of executives of the insurance sector, under the theme: “The control of consistency and relevance of financial statements of insurance companies by the National Insurance Directorates (DNA) of the Member States of the Inter-African Conference of Insurance Markets (CIMA). The thirty or so participants called for the development of a special status for insurance supervisors.

The closing ceremony, held under the auspices of Joseph Malanda, Head of the Statistics and Studies Service at the Insurance Directorate, representing Jean Pierre Nonault, Director General of National Financial Institutions (DGIFN) of Congo-Brazzaville, was marked by four highlights. 

First, the presentation of the certificates of training course to the participants; then, the word of the participant; followed by the word of the trainer Charlemagne Zongo (from Burkina-Faso), member of the General Secretariat of CIMA; finally, the closing word by Joseph Malanda. 

Talking to the press, the trainer Charlemagne Zongo, noted two main problems faced by insurance companies in CIMA Member States, namely: the status of insurance supervisors, which needs to be harmonized, as each Member State applies its own status; and the payment of claims. Hence, the relevance of the theme of this seminar, he said.

Joseph Malanda, in his closing remarks, thanked the participants for their presence which, according to him, testifies to their commitment to the development of the International Insurance Institute (IIA).


Communication Unit of the Ministry of Finance